New Stock-January!

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New Stock-January!

Hi everyone! 
Today school went back and as much as I love the holidays, I do like being back to a work routine. 
But today I thought I'd write a little about the stock order that arrived last week from Six Bunnies and Liquorbrand. I loves these brands, the quality is amazing & so are the prints! They have a lot of sugar skulls which are a favourite of mine, PLUS some even have inappropriate words & symbols which are also a favourite of mine! haha 
Right now my most favourite is the FBone print. It's a skeleton hand holding up the middle finger, and it's wearing two gold bling rings! This print is available in baby rompers (the rings have Six Bunnies logo) & mens tanks (rings have Liquorbrand logo). The amount of people who walk past the shop muttering "Who would put their baby in that??" is hilarious to me. If I am up the front of the shop & I hear them, I answer back "It's a best seller so obviously a LOT of people!" lol Being on a black romper they are unisex so all babies can wear them! And with the mens tanks, Dads can be matchy matchy with their babies too! 
The black Sugar Skull romper & red Suck It Bib are also very popular so have been restocked. 

Of course we had to replenish some bags too, so new duffles, overnight bags & handbags are in stock. The overnight bags are only available in store, they are too big to send in the flat rate postage I have. The bowlers are always popular, but I also got some new ones. The Karma shoulder bag has a beautiful Day of the Dead woman print. It also has side zips which you can unzip to extend the bag & get some extra room, and then flash some faux leopard print fur.  It's like 2 bags in one! 

And a few new wallets were also included as they are also popular. Another gorgeous Day of the Dead lady, sparrows & a flamingo prints too. 

I hope you love them all as much as I do! 

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