Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019! How did you survive the holidays? I ate too much, drank too much and just relaxed. I did not touch my computer at all during my time off, I did check everything from my phone though lol But everything I scheduled worked well, no one got upset by my delayed response times & I didn't get any angry messages about the shop being closed that one day! So I'm hoping that's because I gave lots of notice & posted it everywhere. Basically I survived the Silly Season unscathed. Yay!! (well apart from the hangovers & bread bloating...lol)

So now I've caught up, this is about the time I should be planning for 2019. How Love to Death can get bigger & better this year. I have ideas in my head, it's just putting them into action. At the top of my list is educating myself on SEO & advertising & all that fun stuff. (groans)
Then there is the items I stock. Do I need to find new stockists, get rid of some, change what I do have, remove some items, add more? I'm limited in space in the location I am now to do too much. I think I use the space I have well, but do I need to move? The website might need changing? Could it do with a refresh? Can I do that or is it best to get someone else to do it? Instagram needs my attention, I forget about it as I'm on FB so much! 
See I have a headache already lol 
My ultimate goal is to have a little shop somewhere. Not in a big shopping centre, I can't afford that on the Gold Coast. But somewhere where I can trade more than 2 days a week. And has air-conditioning! Especially now that my kids are older and can look after themselves. But at this point that's just a dream.

Anyway Happy New Year! I hope it's a happy, healthy & prosperous one for us all :)
Kylie x 


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