Christmas Trading Hours

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Christmas Trading Hours

Christmas Trading Hours for Love to Death Online and In Store


Hi everyone, 
I'd been debating whether to take some time off over Christmas this year. Usually we go away for a few days with the extended family, but this year we're staying local. Can I be at home and NOT work?

I can see it now. My computer will be sitting there taunting me......Come play with me!!! Are you sure you can leave those transactions un-reconcilled in Xero?? Are those scheduled posts really going to post?? Are people seeing those posts? Should you come online & check? Should you update stock levels? I'm lonely, come and turn me on...... You know, stuff everyone's computers say to them. Right?? 

So if I don't want to stay home & be taunted, I have to go out. You know, OUTSIDE. It will be hot. Sunny. Full of people. I try to avoid people as I get my fill of social-ness every week-end at the shop. My kids will try to take me to shopping centers and drag me into every bloody teenagers dream shops..... And don't get me started on the PARKING! See my problem??  The only upside I can see is the multiple coffee shops I haven't been to, and can try them out. 

But I've come to the conclusion that I probably do need some time out & maybe get some fresh air. Time away from the computer screen. (But not my phone..........dammit I NEED my phone!) Time to spend some quality time with my kids, and my family. My daily schedule revolves around 3 places. Home, school & the shop. Once or twice a week I venture out to a regular coffee shop with friends or family. Usually on the way home from school drop off, or on the way to the shop lol  I like routine & plans. I'm not good without some structure. My daughter says to me, let's go for a drive. My reply is always where to? I need a destination! But she just wants to drive anywhere. That's just crazy! haha 

So with no destination, or plans, I guess that's why I had a hard time deciding. BUT then my family said, we can still be together & do the same Christmas things we do while we were away, but it will just be locally. Now that sounds like half a PLAN! ;) 

I also decided to shut the shop down for one day this year. It's my eldest daughters 21st Birthday & I'm too old to work in a hot shed while I'm hungover......see now there's another plan!  

Kylie x

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